Reflection #3

The past three weeks in EdTech 522,  we have been planning, designing, and facilitating a unit in a LMS (Learning Management System) testing site called Moodle. Before this module in EdTech 522, I did not have any experience using an LMS site as an administrator. My only knowledge of any LMS site has come from being a student at Boise State University’s EdTech program and using Moodle for the courses I am taking.

The most difficult part about creating this unit was becoming familiar with how to create different types of assignments, and the overall flow & organization of the course. From my experience of taking courses online, I have found that the course organization and differentiation of assignments has been key to my learning. Therefore, I put a lot of effort in making sure my unit was easy to follow and the type of assignments vary.

When I was having issues with organizing my unit, I searched videos on YouTube and used the Moodle support page to problem solve. Both of these were very helpful in resolving my issues and it was great to be able to choose between watching videos or reading.

Currently, I teach a few classes through an online institute and I really enjoy it. However, this institute does not have an LMS available for instructors to use, so I use Google Drive to run all of my courses. After creating a unit in Moodle, I am intrigued and wish that my institute would switch to using Moodle to manage their system. Once you play around with the administrative tools of Moodle, it becomes very user-friendly and seems like a great way to instruct students.