Social Media Policy

Currently, my school (and district) does not have a social media policy. We have a technology use plan and policies in place for technology, but they are from an outdated plan developed for 2009-2012 school years.

Below are the policies I have created for my classroom. I had a difficult time creating these policies because I wanted them to be stringent enough for a school setting, yet not too much to discourage participation.  I believe these policies can be adopted for any classroom at my school and could also possibly be a school-wide policy.

Social Media Policy for my high school classroom:

1. Have a plan – What’s the purpose of your social media presence?

2. Online profile is the real you –  Your online presence is an extension of the real you. Don’t misrepresent yourself.

3. Deal with conflict positively – It’s ok to disagree with others, but do so respectfully.

4. Be safe – Never post personal info including, but not limited to, last names, birth dates, address, and passwords.

5. Know your privacy settings – Know who can view your profile and post accordingly.

6. Lasting legacy – What you post online does not go away…even if you hit “delete”.

7. Give credit – If the work or words are not your own then cite your source.

8. Pause before you post – Remember that once you post it, it can’t be taken back. Think from another perspective if the content could be offensive.

9. Extension of the classroom – Same rules apply online as they do at school. Make sure you follow the district policies.

10. Report inappropriate content – This includes cyberbullying or any other content that makes you feel uncomfortable or not respected.

11. Post accurately – Make sure you fact-check before posting information.

12. Be professional – Your work doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should have proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

After discussing my classroom policies with my students, I would have them and their parents fill out the following form:


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