EdTech 504 Week 1 Reflection

In my first week of EdTech 504, Theoretical Foundation of Educational Technology, we were to reflect on our current teaching practice and inclusion of educational technology.
This year is my 8th year of teaching overall, and 4th year teaching High School. Currently, I teach Leadership, Marketing 1, and International Marketing to high school students. In each one of these courses, I do my best to incorporate technology on a daily basis. I use technology as a tool to enhance learning by my students and I try to stay on the forefront of current technologies. One tool I have started using this year is Google Classroom. I have found Google Classroom to be the most user-friendly LMS of any I have used before. It makes it so easy to assign, view, organize, and grade student work.Another tool I use in my classes is Twitter. As an activities director, one of my jobs is to provide as many activities as possible for our student body. To advertise, we are constantly creating infographics and posting them on Twitter and Instagram.

After taking this EdTech 504 course, I hope to have a foundation on the reasons I integrate this technology in my classroom. With this foundation, I hope to be able to share the technology I use in the classroom even more with my colleagues.