EdTech 504 Module 2 Reflection

This week we are to look at the linkages between our epistemological beliefs and classroom instruction. As I start to consider my own beliefs compared to how I teach, I experience mixed emotions. I am pleased with my progress, but know I have a long way to go. With the ever-increasing advancement of technology, I truly believe the role of the teacher is changing. I think the teacher’s role is becoming more of a facilitator of learning and less direct instruction. These days, the amount of knowledge that is at a students fingertips is overwhelming. Any topic the student is wanting to get information about is easily accessible and often overlooked. I believe a teacher needs to provide opportunities for the students to take ownership of their education while being open to many different avenues of information.
A few ways I offer students this flexibility in controlling their learning is through my Leadership class where I act as a facilitator, and through group projects in my Marketing 1 class. In Leadership, students are in charge of creating and implementing a plan for all student activities. They must be self-motivated and find the answers to their own questions. In my Marketing 1 classes, I like issue projects where students get to choose whichever source they would like to relay information from. Often times, the criteria will be vary vague, where students can negotiate what goes into their project.
Even though I believe students should be at the center of my teaching, I all-to-often find myself in front of the classroom delivering information. However, recognizing this flaw is the first step in my long journey to student-lead learning.