Be Frugal, Go Google Podcast

This week our task was to create an original podcast on a topic of our choice. For me, the choice was easy – Google Drive. I chose this topic because it is something that is ingrained in my day-to-day life. It is one constant in my life that helps communicate, create, organize, and deliver information.

For my podcast, I created an introduction to Google that gives an overview of the various features of Google Drive. For subsequent episodes, I would choose a different feature each week and dive deeper into how to specifically integrate into your classroom.

Podcast Format:

  1. Intro to Be Frugal, Go Google
  2. Intro music jingle and intro to me
  3. Overview of Google Drive
  4. Features of Google Drive
  5. Google Drive Collaboration
  6. Closing remarks on Google
  7. Closing music

Be Frugal, Go Google Podcast
Be Frugal, Go Google Narration

Clark, R. & Mayer, R. (2011). E-Learning and the science of instruction: Proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multimedia learning. (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Wiley & Sons/Pfeiffer.

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