EdTech 504 – Module 3 Reflection

I’m finally getting around to my reflection on creating my annotated bibliography and the connection to my classroom teaching. For my annotated bibliography, I chose to research various aspects of communication when it comes to Educational Technology. In order to find reputable sources, I used two online databases, JSTOR (Journal Storage), and EdITLib (Education & Information Technology Library) to look up peer reviewed documents. Luckily enough, we get access to these enormous databases through Boise State’s EdTech program.

One peer reviewed paper I I really enjoyed was one written over 40 years ago on the link between communication and educational technology. This paper is a review of trends in general communication theory, literature, and application in regards to educational technology. What I like best about it is how it is written over 40 years ago, yet is still relevant today.In this, Mielke recognizes the behavioristic learning theories of Gagne and how general communication theory would be filtered through the same screen of applicability. When it comes to mass communication in educational technology, Mielke recognizes creativity, practice, and primary research are what needs to be focused on, just done by a different medium than what is done today.

Another article I enjoyed tied together constructivism, communication and e-learning. Because of the increase in the number of students taking online courses, Koohang advanced a model based on constructivism learning theory that focused on the design of learning activities, learning assessments, and instructor roles.

It has been great doing research on the various theories of learning and theories of educational technology. Through this research, I have been able to get a better grasp on what my final paper will be on in this course.

Koohang, A., Riley, L., Smith, T. & Schreurs, J. (2009). E-Learning and Constructivism: From Theory to Application. Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects, 5(1), 91-109. INFORM.

Mielke, K. (1972). ERIC/AVCR Annual Review Paper: Renewing the Link between Communications and Educational Technology. AV Communication Review, 20(4), 357-399.