EdTech 543 Final Reflection

As I finish up my final project reviews for EdTech 543, Social Network Learning, I’m looking back at all that I have learned. This summer course was 8 modules long and I spent many hours indoors rather than outside enjoying my teaching-free summer hours. I even spent part of my vacation in Maui inside finishing up my final project.  Overall, I really enjoyed this course. I came into thinking I knew a lot about Social Media, but this course really opened my eyes to how I can utilize my foundation in Social Media to benefit my students.  One of the greatest things about this course was how we were given so much flexibility to explore various Social Media. I can now say I am comfortable using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Edmodo, Scoop.it, Diigo, Moodle, Jing, and Flickr in the classroom.

During the first module, we familiarized ourselves with Facebook, Twitter, Diigo, and WordPress. Luckily for me, these are all platforms I am familiar with through my own personal social media interactions, and from taking other EdTech courses.

For module 2, we started to develop a PLN (Personal Learning Network) through Twitter and from creating a mini PLN with EdTech 543 classmates. My mini PLN consisted of Jennie and Dan and we gave feedback to each other during the course as well as created a final project together.

In module 3, we focused on creating and maintaining a positive digital footprint, followed different hashtags, and started to be part of live professional development via Twitter and other interactive platforms. I found this week to be very applicable for me because I want to stress the importance of a positive digital footprint to my students. This module was also challenging in that I had to participate in multiple online professional developments while communicating in the “back-channels” via Twitter. This was something I had never done before, but I found it as a great alternative to traditional professional development.

For module 4, we focused on curation using Scoop.it. In a previous EdTech class I had to do a similar project using Scoop.it and really enjoyed it. I often find many different articles that I want to use later, but am too unorganized to find them again. Using a curating tool like Scoop.it will help solve this issue.

In module 5 we finished up our participation in live professional development and also created a diagram that represented our PLE. The PLE diagram I created was a road that represented my professional learning experiences.

Module 6 is the week that I liked most. During this week we had to create a social media policy for our classroom or school. I chose to create a policy for my teaching situation that I plan on using once school starts back up.

Our last module was a group project where we had to create a social networked mini curriculum unit. For my final group project, I chose to use the learning platform of Edmodo. I am not familiar with Edmodo, but decided to just go for it. I found that it was fairly easy to use, but I did not like the overall structure of Edmodo. After using it, I would rather just create a Facebook group and add students that way. I worked with two other high school teachers, whose focus is on Mathematics. We created a unit that had students use social media to find out different ways Math will be used in their future.

I really enjoyed taking EdTech 543 and will definitely be integrating social media into my teaching this upcoming year.