Using Social Networking for Teaching and Learning

One motto I have always tried to use is “don’t re-invent the wheel”. As a teacher, we are constantly trying to keep our students engaged in our material with the latest and greatest ways to connect with our students. In this week’s module, we focused on doing research to find educational projects that have social media as a key component.

As a business teacher, I found many ways that other Marketing teachers have integrated social media into their teaching. One of the most common things I found is that many school are teaming up with local businesses and using the power of social media to market their company. Often times, students would have to come up with a marketing plan that would integrate Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and the business would choose the group that they believed would work best for their company. The students would then follow through on their plan and be a resource for the local businesses. I think this is something I would like to integrate this next year in my advanced marketing classes. Not only does this give the students real-world experience, but it also helps out local small businesses as well. This is also a great opportunity for students to develop relationships with businesses in the community, which can lead to internships and other job opportunities.

Another topic that was common was how schools are using a school wide Twitter hashtag to get feedback from students on a variety of different topics. I definitely would like to start doing this with my leadership class to get feedback on spirit weeks, assemblies, and other activities that we plan.

Overall, this was a great assignment that is very applicable for my upcoming school year. Here is my curated content on educational projects that integrate social media


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