PLE Diagram

A Professional Learning Environment is like a road. It is constantly under construction while being re-paved, re-routed, and added to.



As I viewed many of my classmates diagrams, I noticed many similarities and many differences. Because we are all in an EdTech program, we had very similar content such as Social Media and content creation sites. However, the way in which each diagram was constructed was very different. Some people drew theirs out on whiteboards or paper, while others used advanced photoshop skills to create theirs. When comparing mine to theirs, I find mine in the middle of the road. I used an infographic creator called that had the theme of a road. I believe everyone has a different road to their current PLE, and this road is constantly being re-paved and re-routed. As I was creating my PLE, I only put in resources that I currently use (re-paved), even though I could have added resources from when I was younger.

Through the creation of my PLE Diagram, I learned that many different things make up my learning environment and that those things have changed over time. I have many different resources I currently use, but soon those may become obsolete and I will have to re-pave my road and add to it.



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