EdTech 543 Initial Post

EdTech 543 – Social Network Learning

One of the first things we had to do for this course is create profiles for Facebook, Twitter, and Diigo. This was not an issue for me, as I have already had personal accounts for Facebook and Twitter, and had to create a Diigo profile from a previous EdTech course. The only platform I do not use unless I have to is Diigo. I just have never been a big fan of it. Although that could be because I have not spent very much time trying to seek all the benefits of it.

Currently, I have a Facebook group for my Leadership class that I use on a weekly basis. This is great because Facebook is one of the few platforms to have a closed group (unlike Twitter). I am also in charge of the twitter feed of our high school baseball team.

In this course, I hope to enhance my use of Twitter in my teaching. I think it is a tool that 90% or more of my students have, and I need to utilize it more.


1 thought on “EdTech 543 Initial Post

  1. I’m digging the word cloud. I’m all about Tagxedo. In the college class I helped out with in the Spring we did a crowdsourcing exercise where the results were published as a custom word cloud: https://sites.lafayette.edu/fams240-sp14/2014/03/10/crowdsourcing-results/

    Interestingly, one has to override some core settings to generate an image that truly reflects proportional sizing of words based on response popularity. Who knew!

    Look forward to learning with you this summer!

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