EdTech 503 – Module 7 Reflection

For this module, we focused on formative and summative evaluation. This evaluation refers to the instructional design product we are creating, which may contain some formative and summative assessments that will inform us on the design product. The three groups we created evaluation for are one-to-one, small group, and field trial.

For one-to-one evaluations, the designer has a few of it’s target audience try out the instructional materials. The main purpose of this is to find any major problems with the instruction. This could entail missing directions, mislabeled illustrations, typographical errors, or any other thing that may be confusing. The designer would then revise the instructional materials.

For the small group evaluation, the designer will be checking how effective the revisions are from the one-to-one evaluations. This small group would also be a time where the instructor would allow the students to work on their own, and only step in when students cannot solve without assistance. If any flaws are found again, the designer would revise the instructional materials. 

For the field trial, the designer would meet with around 30 students to determine the efficacy of the revisions made during the small-group evaluation and to mainly determine if the instruction can be implemented as designed.

I really enjoyed working on the evaluations this week, as I believe they are an important component to a successful instructional design project. It’s great to get feedback and be able to revise your product before you finalize it. I like to relate this to a company that creates a new product has a trial run in a few stores before doing a full-scale production for all their stores nationwide. Like Chipotle, offering breakfast in a few airport locations before deciding they were not going to offer this at all locations, dang it.


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