EdTech 503 Module 6 Reflection

One thing that is always a challenge in teaching is finding the right motivation for students. Often times, integrating technology into a lesson can enhance the learners to be motivated. However, if the assignment is poorly designed, no amount of technology will be able to keep students motivated over the long-run. As we continued to work on our Instructional Design project this week, we looked into how to motivate learners. One model that we have used is Dr. John Keller’s ARCS Model. In this model, Dr. Keller breaks down motivation into four categories: Attention, Relevance, Confidence, Satisfaction.
The first thing a lesson must do is grab the student’s attention. This can be done through a variety of different things ranging from a video clip, to a loud noise.
The second this a lesson must do is be relevant. The learner has to find a reason to want to learn the material you are presenting them.
The third thing a lesson must do is instill confidence in the learner. In order to help this confidence, the teacher must provide clear expectations and acceptable work examples.
The fourth thing a lesson must do is be satisfying. The student needs to feel good about the work they have accomplished.

This week has been great for my current and future work. I have already started evaluating the lessons I am currently teaching, and realizing I am not meeting the four parts to the ARCS Model. I feel like I need to do a better job of grabbing my student’s attention. I often times just get going into a new unit without providing some type of information or intro that piques their interest. Most of all, I think this week was a great eye-opener for me. It has provided me with a template to create lessons in the future not only for myself, but for other educators.


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