EdTech 503 Module 4 Reflection

This week we had the opportunity to complete the second phase of our case analysis. In the first phase, we conducted a case analysis of our desire and created a VoiceThread on our assessment. Classmates then responded to our assessments and gave us feedback from a key stakeholder’s perspective. For my case analysis, I chose a case that focuses on a high school setting where a technology coordinator received a $20,000 grant to improve teacher skills and knowledge in providing new environments for learning. The main problem is that not everyone is on the same page with how to use the funds.  Suzanne would like to use funds for teacher tech training for technology integration but her principal and curriculum coordinator would like funds focused on content areas and state-mandated tests.

After receiving feedback from classmates, it made me realize that I had not thought of all perspectives when conducting the case analysis. The main perspective I thought through things was from the technology coordinator (which is the perspective I can most relate to) and I forgot to see things from other people’s point of view. 
The one perspective I chose to give all of my feedback to classmates from was a principal. I believe this also gave me further insight into the perspective of another key stakeholder and allowed me to dive in deeper to this case analysis. 

Once again this week, I gained further perspective in the instructional design field. These assignments have challenged my default setting and have made me think outside the box. As the activities director at my school, I am given the task of helping coordinate all extra-curricular activities that take place. While doing this, part of my pre-activity checklist is to think about different perspectives (teachers, administration, students, community) and then evaluate if the activity we are putting on is in the best interest of those different perspectives. My goal is to first and foremost provide activities for students, but I must think about how it will affect the other key stakeholders as well. Through this case analysis, it has given me further wisdom and experience in this assessment.  


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