EdTech 541 Reflection and Final Evaluation

Part I – EdTech 541 Reflection

What have you learned?
This course has taught me a lot about technology integration in the classroom. It has opened my eyes to the relative advantage of choosing to integrate various technologies into your teaching while making sure they are accessible for all students. Through having to use the resources that were recommended and resources that I discovered, I now have a great list of tools I will be able to immediately use and share.

How the course work demonstrates mastery of the AECT standards:
Throughout EdTech 541, we created projects that centered around Design, Development, and Utilization. Below, you will find each project I completed throughout the course, and the corresponding AECT Standard.  The projects that we created not only met these standards, but they allowed us to create lessons, presentations, and projects that will empower our students to be evolving digital citizens. Even though my focus was mainly on high school business students, this course helped me to think as an educational technologist on how to create an effective classroom environment that incorporates technology utilization in the classroom. This course aligned with the EdTech Mission Statement and the College of Education’s Conceptual Framework.

How you have grown professionally?
This course has helped me think outside the box by thinking more as an an educational technologist and less as a business/leadership teacher. I was able to come up with many useful lessons, presentations, and projects that integrate technology for my business class, while simultaneously making me look at things through a broader lens.

How theory guided development of the projects and assignments you created?
This course has really solidified my belief that students and teachers alike learn best through doing. With technology, the best way to develop mastery is to actually use the tools rather than hear about them or see them being used. In the projects I created for my students, I centered them around using the technology tools to enhance their learning. 

Part II – Blogging Assessment

Overall – 118/140pts

Content (60/70)- In everything I posted, I tried to have some type of real-world connection. However, I could have been more detailed in these posts.

Readings and Resources (18/20) – I supported my blog comments with readings, but most of them were not from the textbook that was required of us.

Timeliness (10/20) – This is the one I struggled with the most. I completed all of the postings except one, but a lot of them were done Monday afternoon instead of early on in the week where other students could have commented on them.

Responses to Other Students (28/30) – I responded to other students quite often, but the content could have been more rich.