Computer Lab Accessibility

This past spring my high school just  updated our three computer labs with 35 new desktop computers in each lab. Each computer has a standard monitor, keyboard and mouse. Even though all of these accessories are great, we do not have any alternative accessories for students that have any sort of disability. Our labs do have enough room for wheelchair accessibility, but we do not have any tables that are height adjustable.

In order to provide computer access for all students, I believe each computer lab needs to designate 5 computers in each lab for students with disabilities. These 5 computers would sit on adjustable tables ($150) and have headphones ($18), ZoomText ($600), and WiVik ($400). ZoomText is a computer software that zooms in on screen text and will read specific text back to user. WiVik is a virtual keyboard software that predicts text and helps students who have difficulties with standard keyboards.

I believe that with the addition of the above items, our computer lab would be accessible for all students regardless of their disability. Even though this would be quite a financial investment, it would be worth it to ensure equal access for all students.


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