Obstacles and Solutions

The two biggest obstacles of technology integration in schools is a lack of professional development and resistance to change. Both of these obstacles revolve around teachers, yet one is at the district level of professional development, and one is an intrinsic motivator.

According to the NMC Horizon Report: K-12 Edition, there are six significant challenges to technology integration in K-12 Education.

  1. Ongoing professional development needs to be valued and integrated into the culture of the schools.
  2. Too often it is education’s own practices that limit broader uptake of new technologies.
  3. New models of education are bringing unprecedented competition to traditional
    models of schooling.
  4. K-12 must address the increased blending of formal and informal learning.
  5. The demand for personalized learning is not adequately supported by current technology or practices.
  6. We are not using digital media for formative assessment the way we could and should.

When I evaluate the top two significant challenges to technology integration, I come up with one common theme: time. It takes time to learn a new tool, and it takes time to re-evaluate your current way of teaching to integrate technology. With increased class sizes and decreased support, time is what teachers are needing, but time is not what they are getting. In order to fully come up with a solution for this technology integration, districts need to find ways to give teachers more time.


Johnson, L., Adams, S., and Cummins, M. (2012).NMC Horizon Report: 2012 K-12 Edition. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium


1 thought on “Obstacles and Solutions

  1. Hi Chris, I agree that it takes time, but it also takes effort. I think some teachers, even if given a some time, still don’t think they can fit it into what they do. I think the key is making it part of what they already do. For example, let’s say there’s a Spanish lesson (and I’m just throwing this out there since that is my topic area), teachers alre!ady write lesson plans, why can’t they write the plans straight onto their websites, for students to see and work off of, and give the link to their administrators weekly. This is something they do anyway. When they give a Vocab list in Spanish, why can they hyperlink to definitions instead of a traditional handout. Somethings take time, yes, but I think some things take just as much time as what teachers already do. They just need to get past the learning curve, and being integration. Once they begin too, it all becomes so much simpler. I agree with your point that new tools do take time to learn and that teachers need support… but I fear that many teachers are just resistant because they’re being told they “have to” go with a new “trend.” Nice post though… made me think

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