Relative Advantage of Using Spreadsheets and Databases in Education

Spreadsheets have been around long before Google, Microsoft, or Apple ever created any type of way to organize data on a computer. What originally began as a resource for accountants has now become a necessity in the classroom. According to Roblyer & Doering, teachers use spreadsheets to save time, organize displays of information, support asking “what if” questions, and to increase motivation to work with mathematics.

One of the great things about the evolution of spreadsheets is how they have evolved into being web-based. What started as a paper-based ledger has now become a collaborative online document that can be accessed by computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other internet accessible device.

Check out this site to see four examples of how to integrate databases and spreadsheets into your teaching.


Roblyer, M.D., & Doering, A. H. (2013). Integrating educational technology into teaching  (6th ed.). Boston, USA: Pearson Education.


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