Digital Divide & Digital Inequality

I found this Digital Divide & Digital Inequality assignment to be the most fascinating, endless research I have ever done. I found myself researching one topic, then learning new information that would lead me to research a different topic.

For my project, I initially wanted to find out more information on the digital divide at my affluent high school. This then lead me to look at 3 other high schools of the same socioeconomic status, and 4 high schools of different socioeconomic status.
To do this, I had to find common comparable data among high schools. I chose to investigate schools based on the percentage of students who receive free or reduced lunch and the correlation of state test scores, graduation rates, and SAT scores. I chose 8 schools total with 4 schools having the highest percentage of free/reduced lunch, and the others have 4 of the lowest percentage of free/reduced lunch in Oregon.

This project was tricky because there are so many different variables that go into State Testing, SAT scores, graduation rates, and whether or not a student qualifies for free or reduced lunches. However, I do think there is a correlation between access to technology and achievement on State Testing and SAT scores.
I truly believe I could have researched this topic for another 4 weeks and found many new avenues to add to this project. My understanding of the digital divide has developed immensely through all my research and I look forward to diving into this topic even more.


5 thoughts on “Digital Divide & Digital Inequality

  1. I would break up the paragraphs in your post, Chris. Maybe it displays differently in your browser–I’m viewing it in Safari. I’m glad you spend time working on this and thinking more deeply about issues of digital divide and digital inequality.

  2. I like how you really investigated actual data. And, just to remind you (and everyone else!) “data” is a plural noun. I know it sounds strange, but you would say “these data” not “this data.” Datum is the singular format.

  3. Chris,

    Wow, I’m impressed about how thoroughly researched and prepared your data. Your Powerpoint was clear and concise but I did feel a little overwhelmed by all of the data that was presented. It looks great, and I can really see where all of the extra time went!


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