EdTech Challenges

In the New Media Consortium Horizon Report: 2012 K-12 Edition , they listed 6 significant challenges schools face in adopting any new technology.

  1. Digital media literacy continues its rise in importance as a key skill in every discipline
    and profession, especially teaching.
  2. K-12 must address the increased blending of formal and informal learning.
  3. The demand for personalized learning is not adequately supported by current technology or practices.
  4. Institutional barriers present formidable challenges to moving forward in a constructive way with emerging technologies.
  5. Learning that incorporates real life experiences is not occurring enough and is undervalued when it does take place.
  6. Many activities related to learning and education take place outside the walls of the classroom and thus are not part of traditional learning metrics.

For this assignment, I chose to focus on the rise in importance of digital media literacy in schools.


After reading through the six challenges schools face when adopting any new technology, I immediately knew which challenge I wanted to focus on. At my school, there is little to no training in the skills and techniques of digital media literacy. We have professional development days, but they do not focus on integrating technology in the classroom. Also at my school, there is not a lot of turnover amongst teachers. Once teachers get hired, they typically continue teaching here until they retire. This can be great for collaboration, predictability, and fluidity amongst teachers. However, this tends to have a negative impact on our school because teachers tend to teach the same way year after year unless they learn a new way to teach the same material. Without technology-focused training for our staff, our students are not going to learn the digital media literacy skills needed in order to be successful 21st century learners.


Johnson, L., Adams, S., and Cummins, M. (2012).NMC Horizon Report: 2012 K-12 Edition. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium

Xtranormal was used to create the video. http://www.xtranormal.com


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