RSS for Education

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I have now begun my journey into the overwhelming world of RSS feeds. Really Simple Syndication, or RSS feeds, are a way to organize and streamline information from your favorite websites.

Even though I am familiar finding ten or more daily new emails from websites or blogs I subscribe to, I am finding my Google Reader feed to be quite mind-boggling. I’m not sure if this is because I am reading my feed in addition to my emails, or because my feed is a new system I am getting use to. Currently, I read multiple emails from multiple email accounts and delete or archive the email once I am done reading the article.

The way I see myself using RSS in the classroom is using my feed as a database for new ways of effectively using technology in the classroom. I do not plan on having my students use it at this time, but I do plan on “unsubscribing” to all the emails I am receiving and now just checking my Google Reader for all the new updates.  RSS seems to fit well with my motto of work smarter, not harder.